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Thermal Hévíz Activities

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Hévíz, Hungary

A Rare Biologically Active Lake of Healing

Hévíz is home to the largest thermal lake in the world, suitable for swimming, where guests can enjoy year-round wellbeing thanks to the Mediterranean climate and perfectly warm, mineral-rich water. Aside from the myriad health benefits of the lake, Hévíz offers everything for a perfect holiday: from culture and culinary events, water sports to local wine, hiking, even ballooning over the tree tops.

The Romans first discovered the ‘flowing warm spring’ that, to this day, refills the lake with fresh water every 72 hours. Throughout history Hévíz has been a lively and prestigious health resort, brimming with festivals, period architecture and the unsurpassed natural beauty that defines them. Even today there aren’t many places where you can relax – and float! - all year round in thermal water (always more than 23 degrees Celsius, whatever the season) with active health properties. In winter the steamy layer that hovers over the lake even has a rare curative effect on strained vocal chords.


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