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Thermal Sárvár Activities

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Hungary's Healthy, Historic and Charming Spa Town

In the rural west of Hungary this small town of historical note became a health resort of national pride when thermal springs were discovered while drilling for oil.

Sárvár is an architectural delight with its famous 16th century, moated Nádasdy Castle. Its long spa history earned the town membership Royal Spas of Europe Association in 2004. It is also home to an arboretum of 300 tree species and flowering shrubs, some planted four centuries ago by the castle’s royal patrons. This 40-acre botanical garden of rare, exotic plants, is open for visitors, together with the town’s museum, churches and public spa with adventure pools and sauna world.

Ensana’s hotel is built over one of the town’s two thermal springs and offers a full catalogue of medical treatments to guests who also enjoy clean air, culture and peace.


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