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Health Spa Center

Perfect place for health and relaxation

Health Spring Spa

At the Medical Spa Center, you'll find a team of professional therapists, rehabilitators, and specialists in physical and rehabilitation medicine. They'll work with you to determine the best spa program to meet your specific needs. Aquahouse is committed to continuing the long-standing traditions of the Sts. Constantine and Elena resort in balneology, balneotherapy, health prevention, and rehabilitation. We'll create a personalized therapy program just for you. Health Spring Spa is the perfect place to find balance and harmony within yourself. We offer a range of rejuvenating and authentic therapies that will transport you to a deep meditative state. Our trained therapists will guide you on a journey to ultimate relaxation in one of our 26 therapy rooms. We care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, so you can leave feeling refreshed and renewed.


The use of micronized algae in thalassotherapy and a specific mask containing iodine-rich Thalasso products has a potent detoxifying effect. Marine plants' energizing properties help eliminate toxins, boost metabolism, and promote body restoration. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Removal of harmful toxins from the body.
  • Regulation, stimulation, and normalization of metabolism.
  • Improvement in skin clarity and texture, making it softer.

The program begins after an initial medical examination by a specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine. It can be 5 or 7 days and consists of 4 procedures per day.

Pomorie lye

Lye is an end product in salt production in Pomorie. Obtained from rap (water pond) of Pomorie Lake, after evaporation of the water in the salt pans and the crystallization of salt. It stays above the salt layer as a thick oil-like liquid with a yellow-brown color. This technique of salt and lye production dates from centuries. This kind of salt production is unique because all microbiological and mineral substances of seawater are saved. There are only several places in the World where salt is produced from salt sea water, through water evaporation. The whole area around Pomorie salt lake is protected by the European Union, because of its unique essence.

Benefits are:

  • injuries of the locomotor system, rheumatic, neurological;
  • joint pains, arthritis, arthrosis, neuritis, inflammation of surrounding tissues, sprains, dislocations, fractures, neuralgia, plexitis, discopathy, etc.
  • muscle pains, cramps
  • skin problems - psoriasis, acne, fungal infections, hard-to-heal wounds, etc.
  • colds and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
  • inflammations in the oral cavity - periodontitis, aphthae, gingivitis, etc.

Electric currents treatment:

Treatment using low-current electricity with muscle relaxing, pain-relieving, and regenerative effects.

Electric Stimulations:

Stimulation through electric impulses of a particular nerve of the peripheral neural system. Improves the trophic of the damaged nerve and the neuro-transmission.

Ultrasound therapy (phonophoresis):

Low-current treatment using ultra-sound waves induces micro-massage of the soft tissue and helps the healing gel penetrate in deep.

Magnetic Therapy:

Magnetotherapy - physical treatment using magnetic fields. The major effects are anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and reducing the swelling.

Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage):

The procedure with vacuum nozzles improves lymph circulation and lowers the swelling of extremities.

Whirlpool bath:

Procedure in the therapeutic bathtub with nozzles pumping high-pressure water for a therapeutic and relaxing effect.


Gymnastic exercises in water for healing and therapeutic effect.


Gymnastic exercises in water for healing and therapeutic effect.

Mud wrap:

Application of healing mud on painful areas or on the whole body. Suitable for arthritis, arthrosis, and issues of the peripheral neural system.

Pomorie Lye wrap:

Application of Pomorie lye that is rich in minerals and salts and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.


Uses a high-frequency electric current to stimulate heat generation within body tissues. Increases blood flow, relieves pain, and improves the mobility of tissues.

Carbon bath:

Procedure in a therapeutic bathtub with nozzles pumping high-pressure water for a therapeutic and relaxing effect.


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