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Ensana Cares for Water

Water conservation

Ensana is custodian of some of Europe’s most powerful and historic natural resources, therefore their preservation and conservation is Ensana's legacy.

With conservation we protects the environment through the responsible use of natural resources while with preservation, we protects the environment from harmful human activities. Some implemented water conservation methods are:

  • We measure the water consumption - by knowing exactly how much water our business consumes on a monthly basis, we focus on areas that have the greatest water use, such as the laundry room and the kitchen
  • We replaced outdated fixtures
  • We maintain proper functioning facilities
  • Trainings and promote actions and attitudes in our employees that demonstrate ethical behavior
  • Raising awareness among guests - as with our employees, we must educate guests about the importance of saving water. With simple behavioral changes, such as reducing the number of towels a day or closing the taps when they are not being used, we can make improvements and involve guests in a management system that takes care of the environment and is sustainable over time
  • Installed low-flush toilets
  • Adjusting settings and illumination levels to ensure minimum energy used for desired comfort levels (hot water and room air temperature)
  • Turning off pool pumps and exhaust fans overnight
  • Running only full loads through dishwashers and washing machines
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