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February 29, 2024

What to Wear at Ensana Buxton Crescent Spa: A Guide


Whether you’ve booked to visit Ensana Buxton Crescent spa as part of a luxurious weekend break, or you’re just visiting us for the day, you might be wondering what to wear to your visit to our premium thermal spa. Every spa is different, and this guide is designed to put your mind at ease, so you know exactly what to pack and what to leave behind, meaning you can arrive feeling confident and relaxed and ready to be pampered.

Understanding Spa Dress Codes

Dress codes at spas are put in place to keep you and the other guests comfortable and safe during your visit. Heading to the spa is designed to be a calming and relaxing experience, so avoiding any issues with your attire by planning ahead can be a great way to maximise your enjoyment. Different types of spas can have slightly different guidelines on what is appropriate based on their setting and the types of treatments they offer. At Buxton Crescent spa, there is no formal dress code for the spa area; your individual comfort is the key factor. Swimwear must always be worn, and robes, towels and flip flops are provided, so there’s no need to worry about bringing those with you.

Swimwear Guide: What to Wear in Pools and Thermal Baths

There are three different swimming pools at the spa and swimwear is a must. This is the one item you really do need to bring to make the most of the relaxing thermal spa experience. There are no set guidelines on what types of swimwear are allowed; again, whatever makes you feel confident and relaxed will be the right choice. That being said, the powerful jets in the rooftop pool do pack a punch! The strong water jets feel amazing on your neck and back muscles, but thin bikini straps may not stand up that well to them. The special thermal baths at Buxton Crescent are naturally warm, so you don’t need to worry about the water being too cold to wear a two-piece swimming costume if that’s what you feel most relaxed in.

Choosing the Right Clothing for Treatments

The clothing requirements for the spa treatments in the spa all depend on the type of treatment you have booked. There are so many choices on offer; from traditional massages to treatments you can’t get anywhere else in the UK. For most of the massage treatments available, you will be invited into the treatment room in your robe covering your swimwear, and then asked to take off the robe and pull down or remove your swimwear if you are comfortable doing so. We recommend bringing a spare dry set of swimwear with you for your treatments so you’re not lying in cold, damp items during your experience, or alternatively, disposable underwear is also available. 

If you choose to sample the unique Therapeutic Thermal Mud Pack treatment, which uses special mud from Lake Heviz in Hungary, then you may wish to consider that when you wash the mud off at the end, it is very dark in colour and may leave marks on lighter fabrics, so darker swimwear is advised. For all of the water-based treatments, such as the Underwater Jet Massage, any swimwear that is comfortable, flexible and secure will be appropriate. The spa also offers expertly-led physiotherapy treatments. . For these treatments comfortable gym or loungewear is advised. If you wish to use the gym facilities during your stay you may also wish to bring suitable clothing and footwear with you to wear in the gym area.

Footwear: Walking the Line between Comfort and Hygiene

Within the spa area outdoor footwear is not allowed. This is for hygiene reasons but also for safety. As floors will often be wet around the three different pools, it isn’t safe to wear any footwear that may cause you to slip. It would also be unpleasant for guests if mud brought in on people’s shoes was to make a mess in the pool area - nobody wants to swim in muddy water! We provide slippers to hotel guests that can be worn in the spa and flip flops are also available for day spa guests. It’s fine to wear these in the spa cafe area when you’re having your lunch or grabbing a coffee in between treatments.

Extras: Robes, Towels, and Accessories

All guests to the spa are given a plush and comfortable towelling robe to cover up and dry off in between using the swimming pools, thermal suite or spa treatments. They’re generously sized and super soft - you’ll have a hard time taking it off at the end of your visit! Towels are also provided for guests to use, whether you’re staying overnight at the hotel or just making use of the spa facilities as a day spa guest. 

If you wish to read as a way to unwind during your relaxing spa experience, then bear in mind that you will often be getting wet, so perhaps don’t bring any valuable, first edition books with you! We also ask that noise levels be kept to a minimum so that all guests can have a peaceful time during their visit. Please leave your devices on silent mode or better yet, tucked away in your locker so you can fully switch off and relax.


Overall, the key things to consider when visiting Ensana Buxton Crescent spa are knowing whether you’ll be having a treatment or not, and whether you need to bring anything specific with you for that, and choosing the swimwear item that makes you feel the most confident and relaxed so you can maximise your enjoyment during your visit to the historic and luxurious spa setting.  


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