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Budapest's Natural Resources

Ideal for healing and relaxation

Thermal Water
Healing Mud

Natural Healing Resource

Thermal Water

Every day 30,000 cubic metres of hot (70 degrees Celsius) medicinal water bubbles to the surface in Budapest, as well as at our hotels on Margaret Island, where it is cooled to 34-40 degrees before use in bathing, drinking and inhalation therapies as well as in our exercise pools where it helps movement and the repair of joints and muscles.

The mineral components of Budapest’s thermal water make it ideal for both healing and relaxing across a range or therapies.

Natural Healing Resource

Healing Mud

Mineral rich mud, excavated from an alluvial plain in a nature reserve outside Budapest, has been used to cure inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism and other musculoskeletal issues in all of Budapest’s spas since it was discovered by farmers more than 200 years ago.

It is blended with the city’s thermal water into a soft, silky paste that retains its heat and so penetrates deep layers of tissues when wrapped around the body. The mud has all-over detoxifying qualities, so strong that it’s important to rest for some time post treatment.

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