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200 years of spa tradition

Get to know this health spa oasis near Lake Balaton

Get to know this health spa oasis near Lake Balaton

200 years of spa tradition

Hévíz, a spa town with history, lies only five kilometres from Lake Balaton. Even the Romans valued the power of the water in Hévíz and made the place into a health spa. Hévíz today, with its healing lake, is an internationally-renowned health spa resort and one of the most important thermal spas in Hungary.

Hévíz’s Healing Lake

Hévíz has the largest natural, biologically active thermal lake in the world that is suitable for bathing. You can bathe in it all year round because its water comes from a very abundant, warm thermal spring. Even in winter, it has temperatures of over 23°C.

Water, Mud, and Steam

The special composition of the Hévíz water, its temperature, and the currents in the lake are the ingredients for a successful treatment for numerous ailments. The water contains sulphur, carbon dioxide, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and radon. It is used for the treatment of rheumatic and motor ailments as well as for stomach and digestive problems. The permanent flow of water in the lake has an effect on the bathers just like a massage, as it improves blood circulation and mobilisation. In winter, strong steam rises from the water’s surface, which has a positive effect on strained vocal cords. The lake’s mud also has healing qualities. It relieves pain of the musculoskeletal system and has a positive effect on the metabolism.

Flowing Warm Spring

The name “Hévíz” was first mentioned in writing in 1328 and it means “flowing warm spring”. In the 18th century, Lake Hévíz achieved notoriety. In 1795, Georg Graf Festetics transformed the town into a healing spa resort in the modern sense. He had bathhouses and spa facilities built and created an order to the bathing process. A house for dance parties and an English garden were created under his auspices. In the years that followed, the bath and the thermal water became increasingly famous and drew many patients and guests from afar. New bathing houses were added in the 19th century and the buildings around the lake were connected by bridges.

Health Spa and Wellness Oasis

Today’s thermal bath on Lake Hévíz originated in 1968. It was modernised and extended in 2006. A beautiful park surrounds the baths. In the middle of Lake Hévíz is a 2,500-square-metre, winterproofed bathhouse. The lakeside resort combines within its own building an adventure pool and a sauna world with sauna, steam bath, ice bath and salt cave, a massage clinic and various treatment rooms for therapies that are used in the traditional Hévíz treatments.

These and many other treatments can also be carried out in our health spa hotels in Hévíz, such as in the Thermal Hévíz Health Spa Hotel or the Aqua Health Spa Hotel. The hotels, just a five-minute walk from the healing lake, offer you health and wellness treatments of the highest standard.

Traditional Hévíz Cures

A cure at Hévíz includes the following, depending on the symptoms and on the recommendation of the doctors. This is recommended in particular for vertebrae problems. The patient is secured in the water, then weights are attached to the back or ankles. The intervertebral discs are thereby relieved of strain, muscle cramps are resolved, and ligament and muscle atrophy counteracted.


  • Bathing in thermal water or therapeutic mud
  • Therapeutic mud packs
  • Treatment in the weight and stretching bath.

Drinking Cures, Therapeutic Massages, Exercise and Physiotherapy

The traditional Hévíz healing method has been supplemented and augmented throughout the years.

Do your health a world of good. Recharge your batteries. Relax for a few days. We invite you to Hungary’s health resort with a rich tradition – for treatment, health programmes, wellness and relaxation in beautiful surroundings and with the support of our highly-qualified doctors.

Available for guests:

  • drinking cures
  • therapeutic massages
  • exercise therapies
  • physiotherapy treatments
  • hydrotherapy

which are all dependent on the individual’s treatment plan

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