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Healing, Soothing, and Moving

Hike, ski, skate, and explore Sovata’s natural beauty

Hike, ski, skate, and explore Sovata’s natural beauty

Let Sovata’s marvellous landscapes transport you as you make sure to hike, take walks, ice skate, and ski during your health holiday as well as to explore the region.

Stay fit and active

Enhance your spa treatments in Sovata with an active leisure programme and spend an unforgettable health and wellness holiday in this gorgeous spa town.

What are you looking for?

Walking & Hiking
Mud bathing
Winter Sports
Hiking Trails

The wild beauty which surrounds Sovata is irresistible. You’ll feel the urge to set off and explore. Short or long hikes are a must. The deep woods, bright green meadows, hills and mountains, blue sky, and fresh air do the body and soul good. Indulge in a few hours of moving and relaxing freely in this idyllic setting.

A walk on the Salt Way

Near our hotels, a modern path winds through a picturesque forest landscape around the saltwater lakes and salt mountains. The 6-kilometer trail takes you close to several salt and freshwater lakes, salt pinnacles and dense forests, ideal for jogging, Nordic walking or just for a refreshing walk.

Hiking Tours

Looking for a hike that’s a little more strenuous? Then climb the “peaks” of the mountains surrounding Sovata:

  • Cireşelu (912 metres)
  • Capela (720 metres)
  • Bechiş (1079 metres)

Sovata is the perfect starting point for hiking tours that immerse you in nature. Let the beautiful landscape rejuvenate you.

Fishing, and Boating

Tivoli Lake is a freshwater lake in which you can swim, fish, and boat.

Alunis Lake

Bear Lake overflows into Alunis Lake, whose salt content and heliothermic properties are therefore lower. A walk along Alunis Lake is well worth it for its serenity alone. Take a coffee break by the lake and feast your eyes on a “green” view of the lush trees and the green colour of the water.

Sovata Adventure Park

Right by Tivoli Lake, you’ll find the “Adrenalin Plus” Adventure Park. Children and adults alike can test their bravery and dexterity here. The rope garden includes 42 different elements, including a 400-metres-long course over Tivoli Lake. Want to add some thrills to your spa holiday? Then visit this adventure park.

Mierlei Lake Mud Bath

The second largest lake in Sovata was created in the 1950s and is the newest saltwater lake in the resort town. It is 1.7-metres-deep on average, and therefore relatively muddy. Many snakes used to live here. Meanwhile, the pond is used for bathing.

Walk to the Red & Green Lakes

Iron oxide gives the lake its red colour. It is right next to the Green Lake, which, like the Red Lake, receives excess water from Bear Lake. Take a walk to both lakes discover the salt mountain.

Fishing in Paraschiva Lake

This freshwater lake is dedicated to fishing. The natural bank and wooden path are perfect for hours of fishing fun.

Amenus Farm

Amenus Farm is a great place for children. Meet many different domestic animals up close.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Sovata is not just a popular resort town – it is also a winter sports destination. Three lifts and two ski courses are available. Children and experienced skiers and snowboarders all find something to their tastes.

Salt mine in Praid

Praid is a village located in the heart of Transylvania, just 10 km from Sovata. Here you can find one of the most famous salt mines in the country. The Praid Salt Mine has a unique microclimate with an average temperature of around 16° C and a highly ionized air. Thanks to this, it is very beneficial for respiratory infections, the treating of asthma, chronic bronchitis. To be more welcoming, the mine has spaces for recreation, playgrounds for children, restaurant, a church and even a museum.

Off-Road Vehicle Safari

Go on a safari in an off-road vehicle and discover the landscape and local animals from the bed of these former military vehicles. Take a bumpy ride up the mountains and snap some photos of the local brown bears.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take in a view of the Szekely region from the lofty heights of a hot air balloon. Climb aboard, take pictures, and float away from everyday life for a few hours.

Sovata-Câmpu Cetăţii Railway

Take a ride on a charming, old narrow-gauge railway. This train line, whose meandering pace doesn’t exceed 35 kilometres per hour, offers a 14-kilometres-long round trip just for tourists. To make the ride even more comfortable, drinks are served in the last car.

Excursion to Sighisoara

Sighisoara, or Schäßburg as it was known with the Transylvanian Saxons, is worth a visit. The town’s medieval centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A stroll through the picturesque alleys will transport you back in time and give you a glimpse of what life was like back then. Visit the famous Clock Tower, Dracula’s House, and the Mountain Church. Climb up the covered steps and take a turn through the German cemetery.

Day Trip to Corund

Corund is the heart of Transylvania’s Hungarian pottery tradition. Almost every family creates pottery the traditional way. Visit the workshops and admire the colourful ceramics. The painted plates or vases make great gifts for your loved ones back home. You’ll also find woven baskets and woollen jumpers. The hats, bags, and trivets produced here are also absolutely unique.

Travel through time

Take a carriage-ride through Corund on wheels in the summer and on a sleigh in the winter, and experience life in Corund at a horse’s pace.

Praid Butterfly House

Visit the Praid Butterfly House and admire the hundreds of different species of butterflies raised here.

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