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Piešťany - Slovakia's Biggest Health Spa

First-class medical wellness in this tradition-rich spa town

Enjoy first-class medical wellness in this tradition-rich spa town

Piešťany - Slovakia's Biggest Health Spa

Piešťany is the largest and most important thermal spa in Slovakia. The town looks back to a long history of health spa tradition and has been internationally famous since the 19th century.

Do you have complaints of the musculoskeletal system? Then allow yourself to be get some treatment here. Or just spend a few relaxing and entertaining days in this tranquil town, situated in a natural and beautiful landscape.

A Long and Rich History

Around 80,000 years ago, the first human settlements were present in the area of Piešťany. Archaeologists have unearthed traces of prehistoric settlements that attest to the allure of the hot springs back then in this fertile valley. Moravany, near Piešťany, is where the renowned Venus of Moravany comes from, for example. The small female figure, made of mammoth tusk ivory, is around 22,800 years old.

Piešťany itself was first mentioned in writing in 1113, whereby the area at that time consisted of several settlements. The healing springs were first mentioned in writing in 1549 but were already being used in the Middle Ages. For example, a visit by King Matthias Corvinus has been passed on. 

Imperial Spa Guests

The first bathhouses were constructed in 1778. In 1813 they were severely damaged by a flood, rebuilt in 1820, extended and added to with a spacious park. The medicinal health spa business began in 1830. From 1889, when the health spa was leased to the Winter family, it became internationally famous and was visited subsequently by numerous famous personalities and artists. The last Austrian emperor, Charles I, came to Piešťany, as did German Emperor Wilhelm II and also the Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand I. Until the First World War, Piešťany emerged as one of the leading health spas for rheumatism in Europe. 

The Winter Era

During the era of the Winter family, the Hotel Thermia Palace, the first luxury hotel in Slovakia, and its Irma Balneotherapy House (1912) were developed on the Spa Island, and later also the health spa Hotel Pro Patria (1916). The Hotel Excelsior (today’s Hotel Jalta) was opened in the town centre in 1930. The cornerstone for the Balneological Museum was also laid during this period, and young and talented doctors were invited to Piešťany, who introduced innovative methods of treatment, thereby contributing to the excellent international reputation of the health spa. The bronze statue of a man breaking his crutch became the icon of the health resort, a statue which can still be admired today at the Colonnade Bridge.

The Winters also brought pizazz and cultural life to the small health resort. The first golf course in Slovakia and the legendary Eva swimming pool were built directly on the Spa Island and Piešťany became the centre of major golf tournaments, international tennis competitions and chess championships, as well as concerts, exhibitions, dance competitions and motor racing.

An Island Full of Thermal Baths

The health baths, the park and the surrounding spa and wellness hotels are all located on the Spa Island on the left bank of the Váh. The island is connected to Piešťany’s town centre by a pedestrian bridge. As the entire island is devoted to the health bath and related services, it is a unique, large spa complex with ten different thermal springs.

Piešťany’s thermal springs supply healing waters of up to 70°C in temperature. The water contains a variety of minerals as well as sulphur and hydrogen sulphide. The water itself is very efficacious, but so too is the healing mud, which is constantly being regenerated. Water and mud are used to treat and prevent a variety of ailments.

Individual Therapies

Each treatment in Piešťany is based on an individual therapy recommendation from the on-site doctors. 60 different treatments, including balneotherapy and physiotherapy as well as mechano- and kinesiotherapy, are available. Unlike other health spa resorts, Piešťany also offers mud baths. This should help to relieve your pain or improve your mobility. The spectrum of treatment is supplemented by various wellness and beauty treatments. So, even without health spa treatments, relaxation and recreation are on offer to Piešťany’s guests.

Treatments for:

  • back pain
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • reactive and secondary arthritis
  • ailments of the musculoskeletal system
  • arthrosis
  • rehabilitation following accidents and operations to musculoskeletal system
  • rehabilitation following injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system
  • osteoporosis
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