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Skin Condition

Healthy skin through salt water & healing mud

Healthy skin through salt water & healing mud

Skin Condition

The causes of skin diseases are of a very complex nature and usually only treatablee with complex measures. The most acute of conditions must first be calmed, which is particularly successful with the help of baths containing salt and sulphurous water. Disorders of the immune system, hereditary predisposition, stress, allergies, food intolerances, intestinal diseases, autoimmune diseases, or bacterial or viral infection can cause a variety of dermatological reactions. In order to narrow down and coordinate the therapy procedures precisely, it is imperative that skin diseases are clinically determined by the specialist consultant.

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Treatment for skin diseases is then generally carried out by means of baths, ointments, and phototherapies (strong UV irradiation) in conjunction with a change in diet and concomitant treatment of musculoskeletal system impairments.


If you suffer from psoriasis, you know that not only the skin can be affected by it, but that joints and organs can also be affected. The unique healing water in Smrdáky, as well as in Sovata in Romania, are a real insider’s tip for the successful treatment of this torturous disease.

Atopic Eczema

The term atopic dermatitis refers to a group of skin diseases that often have similar symptoms. The usual intense itching, dry skin and eczema negatively impact one’s quality of life and often the psychological well-being of those significantly affected. The complaints are often triggered by textiles (for example wool), foodstuffs, infections, cold or muggy weather as well as emotional stress.


Acne is a skin condition to be taken seriously. The level of suffering of those affected is often great. Avoid the formation of scarring and your life being negatively impacted by the condition.


Doctor's Quote

"Our programmes have very strong benefits on skin and musculoskeletal conditions. Our treatments, over a proper length of stay in Smrdáky, also keep dermatological disorders in remission."

MUDr. Ján Lidaj
Head Physician, Dermatovenerologist Health Spa Hotel Smrdáky, Slovakia
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