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Medical Checks

Sharing our experience, competence and passion

Sharing our experience, competence and passion

Medical Checks & Diagnostics

Our expertise comes from long experience in the prescription of natural remedies to heal, which we blend with integrative health concepts and up-to-date medical research. We share our passion and knowledge to support your health throughout your stay. Guests on health care programmes will have an initial consultation with one of our spa doctors. Some packages include weekly medical check-ups and others include a final medical examination also.

Whatever your package, our specialists are always available if you would like to see them. They also offer consultation on laboratory reports, clinic coordination or individual treatments that are right for you.

Initial Medical Examination

Guests on medical programmes discuss their medical history with a nurse. This is followed by a consultation or full medical examination with one of our spa doctors who takes details of health issues and symptoms, and goals for your stay with us, before discussing your specific treatment plan. Any diagnostic or laboratory tests are considered at this stage.

If you desire specific treatments, these can also be added to your plan, although your doctor advises the maximum number of recommended therapies. We suggest you bring any up-to-date medical records, reports and medications. Guests on programmes lasting several weeks have a mandatory, weekly doctor check-up to monitor the healing process and adjust the plan if necessary.

Concluding Examination

Some of our longer programmes include a final health check with one of our spa doctors. Your treatment results are recorded and evaluated by our doctors and are included in a report for you to take away. This is done in the local language and can also be translated into English or German at the guest’s request.

Specialist Consultations

It’s possible to put together an individual spa stay, rather than booking a specific package, on consultation with your preferred specialist or family doctor, before you arrive with us. In this case, a consultation with one of our spa doctors is still necessary to discuss any contraindications. We also offer extra consultations with our specialists for specific prescriptions and further treatments. We can also arrange diagnostic testing with outside partners prior to your arrival with us. We interpret and discuss the results with you.

Note: These services, including emergency nursing services, will be charged according to time.

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