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Natural CO2

Ideal for improved circulation and pain relief

Ideal for improved circulation and pain relief

Natural CO2

Ensana enjoys another rare, natural phenomenon in Mariánské Lázně. Here a dry gas spring emits carbon dioxide that is harnessed for use in different treatments of varying intensity and effect to accelerate healing, most particularly to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.

Dry Gas Baths

In a Dry Gas Bath guests lie flat in an ‘envelope’ pumped full of CO2 (with the upper body outside) so the gas can be easily absorbed by the skin. This has the effect of dilating blood vessels, thus lowering heart rate and boosting circulation. A dry gas bath also stimulates sex hormones to increases libido and sexual function and to decrease the symptoms of menopause. This is because the gas is easily absorbed by the many small arteries in the groin area.

CO2 also penetrates the body via Mineral Water Baths, which are highly relaxing thanks to the soothing sensation of carbon bubbles next to the skin.

Gas Injections

Gas Injections

Gas injections are well known for their effective pain relief. A hypodermic needle is used to inject CO2 subcutaneously to specific areas to relieve pain and fully relax the area. The calming effects are immediate felt and help to redresses circulatory disorders of degenerative joint and spine issues.

Marienbad, Improve Your Blood Circulation

Natural carbon dioxide gas, otherwise known as Maria’s Gas from the nearby Maria’s Spring, is unique to Mariánské Láznē. It’s a powerful healing resource for physical pain when injected directly into muscles and joints.


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