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Salt Water

Healing effects


Bear Lake

Salt water at Ensana comes from an unusual geological phenomenon: the only natural helio-thermal lake in Europe.

The extremely high saline-content of the water, with innate anti-bacterial properties, in Bear Lake, Romania, has multiple curative effects offered in three different ways.

  • Lake Swimming for a relaxing, floating outdoor spa treatment to relieve pain, relax muscle tension and increase joint mobility
  • Inhalation for chronic breathing conditions, cleaning the respiratory tract, allergies 
  • Hydrotherapy for its healing effects for mobility disorders, skin diseases and certain gynaecology conditions.

Sovata, Floating and Healing Effects

Millions of years ago, Sovata’s current location was a lagoon in which salt washed in from the sea. When in the second half of the 19th century a sinkhole collapsed, the nearly five-hectare wide Bear Lake was formed.

Doctor's Quote

Doctor's Quote

"Our salty water and mud act quickly against chronic inflammation, joint and muscle pain and stiffness for long-lasting rejuvenation."
Dr. Jeremias Cristina
Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation and Balneo at Sovata & Bradet, Sovata


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