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Health Stay

Healthy Aging Programme

This personalized programme is designed to boost your longevity and to improve your wellbeing. During your stay, you will be guided on how to benefit from treatments based on natural health resources, proper exercise, nutrition composition, detox, body and skin care leading to healthy aging, work-life balance and vitality.

Best rate garantee!

Package details

Happier outlook
Higher quality of life
Elimination of toxins
Stimulating the body to recover its vitality
Greater confidence
Improves health and lifestyle
Minimum length of stay 7 nights (14 nights advised for optimum results)
Medical check-up incl. special measurements and laboratory tests, pre- and post-stay consultation, final medical report
Nutritional consultation with personalized nutritional and detoxication plan
Treatments according to doctor’s prescription with emphasis on 2 main focuses:
Physical activities and treatments: personalized physiotherapy, fitness, massages, and treatments from natural health resources as the core of this focus
Beauty, body and mind care: hydration, meditation, phototherapy, non-invasive cosmetic treatments as the second part of this focus

Aging is a natural part of life, but factors, like nutrition, physical activity, mental freshness are crucial to live a happy and healthy life. If you are at an age when you wish to look at yourself in a new light, we will teach you how to appreciate your body and how to improve quality of your life by focusing on your well-being. Maintaining your health in the long term is an ongoing process and for this reason we will provide you with post-stay guidance and how to maintain the beneficial factors initiated during your stay. 

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