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Health Stay

Weight Loss Programme

Overweight and obesity are the main factors of any potential cardiovasular, or musculoskeletal health issue, therefore it is crucial for that we adopt healthy habits and change our lifestyles. This programme is the beginning of your journey to learn the importance of balanced nutrition, exercise and healthy habits. Once you have found out what's best for you we will provide the necessary guidance and coaching to make the improved health condition sustainable in the long term. 

Best rate garantee!

Package details

Improves health and lifestyle
Achieve your ideal weight
Learn how to change your habits
Vitality improvement
Greater confidence
Better sleep
Min. length of stay 7 nights (21 nights advised for optimum results)
Medical check-up incl. special measurements and laboratory tests, pre- and post-stay consultation, final medical report
Nutritional consultation with personalized nutritional and detoxification plan
Treatments according to doctor’s prescription with emphasis on 2 main focuses:
Physical activities and treatments: personalized physiotherapy, fitness, massages, and treatments from natural health resources
Nutrition: education, consultation system, drinking cure, basal metabolism calculation as the second part of this focus

If you wish to have your weight under control or if you have unhealthy eating habits, our team of experts will assist in finding an approach that works best for you. For best possible and sustainable results our team is at your disposal even after you have left the hotel, so that we can guide you and assist you further on the journey to a much better health condition.

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