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Thermal Zone


Steam bath

Steam bath is with a high humidity in the air. The miraculous effect of the steam bath has been known since ancient Rome. Nowadays, this is an excellent tool for restoring strength from the hectic city life and for purifying the body.

Aroma steam bath

Steam bath is with a high humidity in the air. The light aromatic essences take care of your mood and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Salt room

Halotherapy is a natural method for the prevention and treatment of many diseases in the body. It is carried out with a halogen generator, which creates a healthy microclimate in the salt cave. Halotherapy relieves skin and respiratory concerns and can be used by everyone who values their wellbeing.


Hammam or Turkish bath is an Oriental procedure where your whole body is cleansed of the surface layer of dead cells. In an authentic setting you will feel the warmth of the marble stone, the steam, the moisture and the wet massage effect. This is an Eastern ritual, mixing both traditions of Rome and Byzantine baths.

Aroma sauna

The herbal sauna is a combination of different healing plants – herbs, branches of deciduous and coniferous trees, cones, etc. It is distinguished by the fact that it focuses on the beneficial effects of medicinal plants and not on the thermal effect. The herbal sauna has an extremely beneficial effect on the respiratory system, skin and hair. It is also one of the best therapies in the fight against stress and tension.


Regular use of sauna has been shown to boost immunity and prevent sickness with initial symptoms of flu or colds. One of the great effects of sauna on the body is detoxification, which stimulates the release of toxins, accumulated in the body by accelerating chemical processes in the body. Sauna, is a heat treatment which is recommended to complement with cold water through the contrast pool (shock pool or cold shower).


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