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Balneotherapy, Thermal and Mineral Baths

Sulphide Mineral Baths of Smrdáky

What is a sulphide mineral bath

This is a signature treatment, exclusively provided in the spa resort of Smrdáky using the naturally sulphidic mineral waters that spring out from the ground locally. The natural springs contain so much typically smelling hydrogen sulphide that it would irritate the skin and lungs intolerably. Therefore the mineral water is diluted to contain acceptable concentrations of up to 100 mg of hydrogen sulphide per litre for full body bath. The bath has 37-38°C and lasts for 10 minutes. After the bath, there is a dry wrap and bed rest for 10-15 minutes.

How a sulphide mineral bath helps

Hydrogen sulphide absorbs readily into the skin, widening the capillaries in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, so it improves their blood supply and metabolism. It effectively suppresses inflammation, pain and itching as well as the growth of microbes. Sulphur is absorbed though skin into the connective tissues and it improves their elasticity. Thus it has beneficial effects on long-standing skin diseases, rheumatic conditions and age-related joint and spine diseases.

Medical prescription: required

More information about treatment including indications and contraindications

Mineral Bath for the Lower Extremities

In case your problems are concentrated in the lower extremities, particularly from the knees down, you may benefit from taking a more concentrated sulphide bath for your legs. You sit on a chair and only your legs from the knees down are immersed in sulphide water. It is possible to combine baths for upper and lower extremities in one session.

Mineral Bath for the Upper Extremities

In case your problems occur in upper extremities, you may benefit from partial body baths with sulphide water. The water is more concentrated, as the skin of the palms is much thicker than on the rest of the body. It is possible to combine baths for upper and lower extremities in one session.

Face/Scalp Wash

This treatment is prescribed for chronic skin diseases on the face or scalp. The sulphide mineral water is manually poured onto the affected part of your head, where the skin is much greasier than on other parts of body. The external application of sulphide water onto these areas helps break down the grease in the hair and thus enables the permeation of healing substances into your skin.

Advisable for:

Skin diseases (namely psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, chronic dermatoses, severe acne, post-burn conditions), arthritis (both psoriatic and rheumatoid), Bechterew’s disease, arthrosis of the knees, hips and backbone

Not advisable for:

Bronchial asthma, epilepsy, unstable chest angina, severe heart failure, severe shortness of breath, pregnancy, menstruation, serious cardiovascular disorders, malignant tumours, infectious diseases, acute thrombophlebitis, unstable diabetes, incapacitation, incontinence, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse

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