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Physical therapy, Ultrasound

Ultrasound Therapy

What is ultrasound

Ultrasound uses high frequency and high intensity sounds, transformed into mechanical and thermal energy. The treatment is administered by positioning the application head of the device in continuous or pulsed application on the skin, after applying a conductive gel on it. In some cases, the ultrasound treatment can be performed in a vessel with water, where both the treated body part and the head of the device are placed under water. The depth of the impact varies between 2 and 6 cm. The location, method, duration and frequency of application will be prescribed by your doctor. The procedure can be performed by a physiotherapist or a qualified nurse and usually takes up to 12 minutes.

The benefits of ultrasound

Approximately one third of the ultrasound energy is absorbed into molecules, the result being a type of micro-massage of the targeted tissues, by heating them. Thus, the muscles relax and the blood circulation and tissue metabolism are improved. Therefore, the pain, stiffness and swelling diminish. Ultrasound waves amplify certain chemical reactions in the connective tissues, which leads to faster healing of bruises and relaxation of tissues.

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