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Balneotherapy, Inhalation

Artificial Salt Cave

What the Artificial Salt Cave is

The salt cave is a room constructed from natural salt blocks and depending on the location this salt can be imported from different sources. 

How the Artificial Salt Cave helps

Single salt has an anti-bacterial effect, moreover, the salt ions help dissolve mucus, improve the function of the airway lining and thus bring about a cleansing effect in the respiratory system. It is helpful for the treatment of chronic respiratory conditions or the sequelae of an acute respiratory infection, for boosting immunity in case of frequent respiratory infections. 

More information about treatment including indications and contraindications

The salt cave is designed to be relaxing and atmospheric. During the treatment, you lie comfortably in a reclining armchair relaxing whilst breathing the salty air. In the process, salt ions are inhaled through the airways into the lungs. The procedure is especially recommended as a series of regular sessions over the cold winter months to boost natural resistance against viral and bacterial infections in adults and children alike. As the body is in a totally relaxed position, the inhalation process is more effective, and it combines improved respiratory function with general stress reduction. In some locations, this treatment may be followed by a thermal bath.

Advisable for:

Stress, fatigue, chronic respiratory conditions (chronic bronchitis, rhinitis or sinusitis, bronchial asthma), frequent upper airway infections

Not advisable for:

Acute respiratory infections with fever, cough and sneezing


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