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Physical Therapy, Electromagnetic Field


What is electrotherapy

As the human body is composed on average of 60% water, it is in principle a very good conductor of electric current. Electrotherapy uses various types of electric currents to influence the function of electroconductive tissues in the human body. Namely the nerves and muscles are best treated with electricity. Connective tissues can also be beneficially affected by electrotherapy. Some currents that penetrate deep into the body may even positively influence the functions of certain inner organs (like the urinary bladder or large bowel). The currents used for healing have been carefully tested and proven to be safe and effective. We use either direct or alternating currents (of low, middle or high frequency) depending on the effect we need to achieve. Apart from the most-widely used currents described below, there are many other types and their application is up to the expertise and discretion of spa physicians and physiotherapists.

How electrotherapy helps

Electric currents change the electric features of the affected tissues, thus bringing about various healing effects: the suppression of pain, relaxation or stimulation of muscles, softening of stiff tissues, improved blood circulation, reduction of swelling, enhanced immunity, and the alleviation of inflammation. The precise effect of electrotherapy depends on the quality of the current – the modulation of its frequency or amplitude, its intensity, etc. 

More information about treatment including indications and contraindications

Advisable for:

Chronic inflammation, pain or swelling of all connective tissues (joints and their capsules, ligaments, tendons, muscles), healing of bruises and sprained joints, chronic stiffness of sinews (Dupuytren’s contractures, Achilles tendon), peripheral blood circulation disorders (Raynaud, Buerger, and Sudeck diseases), hard skin scars

Not advisable for:

Acute injury or bruise up to 72 hours from its occurrence, any acute inflammation, metallic implant at the site of application (pacemaker, screws, joint replacements), infectious diseases, fever, untreated or uncontrolled hypertension, acute thrombosis, leg ulcers and other skin defects at the site of application, abdomen during menstruation, endometriosis, shortness of breath, pregnancy, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, malignant tumours (at the site of application, elsewhere possible), blood disorders, incapacitation

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