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It is always the right time to enjoy better health with Ensana

Whether you are looking for a spa holiday, a relaxing time-out with your partner, a family holiday that combines entertainment with activity and well-being or a special programme to protect or restore your health, make sure to take a look at our convenient packages and special deals. There is never a better time to enjoy better health with Ensana.

The discount included in the Summer Sale promotion offer can neither be combined with the discounts provided within the Ensana Life loyalty program, nor any other discounts.

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  • Save up to 15%

Stay with Spa, Bed and Breakfast

Book from € 145€ 116
room / night / person
  • Save up to 10%

Wellness Escape

Book from € 167€ 150
room / night / person
  • Save up to 15%

Essential Spa

Book from € 230€ 202
room / night / person

Stay with Spa, Dinner and Breakfast

Book from € 174
room / night / person

Healthy Aging Programme

Book from € 317
room / night / person

De-stress Programme

Book from € 321
room / night / person

Weight Loss Programme

Book from € 325
room / night / person

Essential Pain Relief

Book from € 246€ 231
room / night / person

Personalized Health Retreat

Book from € 324
room / night / person

Romantic Days

Book from € 106
room / night / person

Healthy in Budapest

Book from € 207€ 192
room / night / person

Intensive Spa programme

Book from € 266€ 252
room / night / person

Traditional Pain Relief

Book from € 282€ 267
room / night / person

Traditional Spa

Book from € 252€ 237
room / night / person

Relax & Beauty

Book from € 190
room / night / person


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