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Physiotherapy, Individual Therapies

Mechanical Lymph Drainage

What is mechanical lymph drainage

This treatment uses inflatable sleeves for either the upper or lower extremities (the latter usually including the pelvis and abdomen). The sleeves consist of several compartments that are gradually filled with air, thus compressing the lymphatic nodes and vessels and stimulating the lymphatic flow. The machine pumps up and down, applying an alternating pressure. The duration of procedure is between 30-40 minutes. One or two treatments a week are recommended.

How mechanical lymph drainage helps

Mechanical lymph drainage stimulates lymph node activity to drain the lymph into the blood vessels and to cleanse the body; it speeds up the flow of lymphatic fluid to remove toxins, debris, waste products and dead particles. Thus it supports the inborn immunity system in its resistance against various infections. The proper and regular lymph drainage improves also the blood flow in the treated tissues as well as their metabolism. The reduction of lymphatic swelling improves the overall sense of well-being, mobility, and it reduces the feeling of heavy legs or arms. In addition, the procedure has an anti-cellulite effect, it facilitates regeneration and weight loss (supported by other slimming activities).

Medical prescription: required

Price: € 23 / 20 min

More information about treatment including indications and contraindications

Because of hygienic reasons, we advise you wear a long sleeved shirt or thin trousers according to the applicator used. Following the treatment, for health reasons it is recommended to wear a compressive stocking or elastic bandage. 

Advisable for:

Lymphatic swellings of any origin, injury and post-operative rehabilitation, metabolic and circulatory diseases, convalescence after oncological treatment, arthrosis, gout and rheumatic diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune disorders, frequent headaches, regeneration after exercise, cellulitis

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation, acute thrombosis, phlebitis, leg ulcers and other skin defects, heart insufficiency, pregnancy, incontinence, abdominal hernia, malignant tumours and blood disorders, swellings due to a dysfunction of the heart, kidneys or liver, acute allergy


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