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Physiotherapy, Group Therapies


What is aerobics

Aerobics uses dance movements and rhythmical stepping and jumping, directly targeting the large muscle groups of the body, which in turn work the heart and respiratory system. All aerobic classes begin with a warm up and stretching before beginning the more intensive exercises. Classes likewise end with a cool down, relaxation and final stretching. This type of exercise is suitable for younger age groups who are generally fit and healthy.

How aerobics helps

Regular exercise of the cardiovascular system has been proven to reduce ischaemic heart disease, lower blood pressure, help lower weight and reduce the risk of many other diseases. In addition, it helps speed up the body’s metabolism. It improves your overall fitness as well as your mood. 

Prescription: not required

More information about treatment including indications and contraindications

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics combines traditional aerobic movements with small steps up and down using a purpose-built non-slipping step. With an increased fitness level these steps can be heightened. Step aerobics is an extremely comprehensive aerobic and cardiovascular workout and is therefore only advised for persons with a good level of basic fitness. All fitness classes begin with a warm up and stretching, before beginning the more intensive exercises. Classes likewise end with a cool down and stretching. In comparison to classical aerobics, this exercise is more demanding, so you burn more energy and improve your health condition even more.

Advisable for:

Musculoskeletal diseases, orthopaedic and accident rehabilitation, metabolic and circulatory diseases, incontinence caused by stress, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, neurological diseases, convalescence after oncological treatment, constipation

Not advisable for:

Infectious diseases, fever, acute inflammation anywhere, fresh or recent injury (sprain, break), epilepsy, acute thrombosis, phlebitis, leg ulcers and other skin defects, severe shortness of breath, cardiac failure, psychosis, alcohol or drug abuse, blood disorders (with caution)


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