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Questions & Answers

When does the loyalty program started?
Will my previous visits count towards my membership category?
Can I keep my Danubius EuroPoints card and enjoy the benefits in Danubius hotels?
Are the stays before 1 January 2021 also taken into consideration?
Do I get a discount on services which I did not book in advance, but purchase directly at the hotel?
Can I also qualify for the higher membership levels if I did not book directly with the hotel?
Can I use my card for food, beverage and treatment services even if I do not stay in the hotel?
Can I have the card as a business enterprise?
Can children be part of the program?
Can I transfer, or share my benefits to/with another person, or company?
Is it possible to use card’s discount for those guests who share the room with card holder?
I shared a room with someone and we both would like to join the program; would that be possible?

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